C2 Technical employs a comprehensive search methodology in order to deliver a strong and well suited hire, regardless of the position, client, culture or requirements. 
Position Discovery Phase – During this phase, we work directly with the key decision makers to determine the “position values” - tangible skill sets plus
cultural values and important company attributes. C2 uses a “puzzle” method to figure out the size, shape and meaning of the position and fit. C2 also uses
this methodology to discover the key interactions the position has with internal and external customers. This allows us to target not only the correct skill set
and culture, but also find the right “puzzle” piece for your company.  
Candidate Sourcing Phase – During this phase, we source individuals that match the position, company and culture criteria. We scour our extensive network of passive candidates in order to find individuals that have the applicable pedigree, technical aptitude and leadership style. We typically identify 100 – 250 targets during this phase with a goal of presenting the top 5 – 15 to the client.
Candidate Screening Phase – Armed with this broad candidate slate, we narrow the pool to the top candidates via interview and position value comparison that leverages over 30 years of staffing experience. We collect key insights for the client on candidate professional experience, business acumen, applicable culture exposure and technology platform experience.  
Initial Candidate Presentation Phase – During this phase, we present the candidate data to the client - resume, assessment summary and behavioral profile (retained searches). C2 typically presents 5 – 15 candidates, depending on the number of outstanding candidates unearthed in the previous 2 phases. The client begins the interviewing process with 5-7 candidates and narrows the slate as needed for face-to-face interviews.

Face to Face Interview Phase – During this phase, the client interviews the top 3-5 candidates in person and makes a final selection.


Offer / Acceptance Phase – During this phase, C2 partners with the client on offer development, manages candidate expectations and delivers a verbal and written acceptance for the client.



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